Our Services

Intellectual Property Strategy Development and Implementation

Identify Patent Opportunities

We leverage our technical and legal expertise and our established data-driven methodologies to help you identify patent opportunities to develop and to increase the effectiveness of your patent portfolio.

Using a combination of industry analysis, technology landscape studies, competitive intelligence, industry benchmarks and existing patent portfolio analysis, we can develop a tailored patent strategy to strengthen your patent portfolio by identifying opportunities for organic patent growth as well as opportunities for patent acquisition and licensing.

Case Studies:

We act as in-house counsel for early stage and mid-size technology startups and have successfully developed and executed patent portfolio strategies that have provided comprehensive international intellectual property protection and have helped our clients strengthen their market position.

We act as strategic advisors for fortune 500 companies and have provided detailed patent portfolio analysis to determine coverage gaps and redundancy of patent portfolios with more than 2,000 assets.

Respond to Third Party Patent Activities

We can help you develop a strategy to cost-effectively neutralize your competitor's patent threats.

Our third party patent activity practice provides a complete package from privileged monitoring of third-party patent activities, to prior art search, with attorney review, to submission to the USPTO under the America Invents Act. We provide pre-issuance submission and post-grant review services.

Identify Patent Opportunities