Our Services

Assist in Buying, Selling or Licensing Patent

We provide the full-spectrum of services for acquiring, selling, in-licensing or out-licensing patents.

Identifying Patents for Sale or Licensing

By studying your patent portfolio, your current products, future product development plans, and the landscape of third party patents, we can identify assets for acquisition, sale, or licensing. We can identify potential buyers/sellers or licensees/licensors by using proven approaches.

Our transaction practice includes:

  • Conducting diligence including examining the validity of the target patents and reviewing the landscape of third party patents.
  • Identifying potential buyers, sellers, licensors, or licensees.
  • Generating collateral, including evidence-of-use, gaps in the portfolio, etc., for persuading potential buyers/licensees.
  • Providing appropriate valuation or licensing models.
  • Negotiating the transaction.
  • Completing the transaction including attention to documentation such as transfer of assignments.
Assist in Buying, Selling or Licensing Patent