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Evaluate Your Patent Portfolio and Identify Key Assets

Every patent in a portfolio is unlikely to be a key asset to the company. With large portfolios, it is challenging to identify the critical assets that are relevant to the company's current business objectives. This is particularly an issue in the context of a third-party portfolio acquisition. Either the in-house team doesn't have the necessary expertise or time to perform such analysis.

We can identify key assets using our data-driven evaluation techniques and legal analysis to rank patents and portfolios. Using a combination of quantitative and qualitative metrics, we rank patents in a portfolio. This allows our clients to take appropriate action such as divesting patents and generating revenue or abandoning patents and saving future expenses.

Our approach also allows our clients to compare a patent against other patents in the same portfolio or in other portfolios. This allows objective decision making in the portfolio acquisition context: are the patents to be acquired better than or complementary to the patents in the client's current portfolio.

Evaluate your Patent Portfolio and Identify Key Assets